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Immegration Services


Immigration for the UK: There are different ways to migrate to UK. You can apply under one of the following categories. We provide complete guidance and consultancy for below-mentioned cases: • Tier 1 (General) HSMP • Intra Transfer companies.


Visa Refusal cases in Pakistan, how can I submit my appeal against visa refusal in Pakistan

Visa refusal is a natural phenomena and nobody should be dis-hearted if his / her visa refused. Embassy give judgment according to their rules and regulations and guideline given in visa issuance rules and regulation, we must follow rules of visa applications and then submit visa petition according to updated rules which are normally mentioned on official website of embassies. We provide services for appeal against visa refused in Pakistan.

If your visa has been refused by visa officer  in Pakistan.We will submit  appeal against visa refusal letter as per law.

Please consult us before your submission of Visa Application in any embassy. We will give you our expertise statement or advice.

Visa Appeals, Schengen Visa Appeals, Visa Refusal Cases in Pakistan

Dear Sir / Madam,

If your visa has been refused by the embassy in Pakistan, D’nt worry, we will file your visa appeals according to immigration laws.

You can also consult us before submission of your fresh visa application.


UK Medical Visa

If anyone wants to take private medical treatment in the UK. Now he /she can apply for medical visitor visa upto 11 Months now, previously visa was granted for a maximum period of Six Months.

The plus point is, this visa can be extended for next six months, as per written permission by medical practitioner for ongoing treatment.

If you want to apply for your private medical visa, you can contact us


Firm Reg Pak

In Pakistan, firms are being registered under Partnership Act 1932, Here we provide brief introduction about the Partnership Firm Registration Process, form C Registration in Pakistan.

Here is a basic information about Partnership Firm Registration Process, form C Registration in Pakistan:

Copies of CNIC of Minimum Two Partners, Name of Firm, Business Address, Partnership Deed etc.

Name of firm:

Name of the firm must be unique and nobody is using this business name, if you keep the same name which already is being used, you may face troubles in future for copying of such name.

Business Address:

You must provide complete business address, some times, Registration certificate (Form C) is dispatched via courier, it is very important.

Partnership Deed preparation:

Partnership Deed must be as per partnership act 1932, so that before preparation of partnership deed, Act should be keep in your mind or prepare from such peoples or lawyers, who know about Partnership Act 1932. This deed will be printed on Rs. 1,000/- value of stamp paper.

Nature of Business / firm’s Objectives:

Nature of business should be mentioned clearly and must be legal activities, if there is illegal or irrelevant objectives are mentioned in partnership deed, the registrar of firms will reject your firm registration case.

Profit & Loss Ratio:

Profit & Loss Ratio must be written on partnership deed, without mentioning, the partnership deed will not a valid document.

Copies of CNIC:

Computerized CNIC is required for Firm Registration, keep in mind, it should not be expired.


CNIC copy of 2 witnesses is required.

We have expertise for Partnership Deed preparation as per Partnership Act 1932 and as per firm registration office requirements, If you want to register your Partnership firm, We will provide you excellent service regarding your registration.


SMC Reg Pak

Single Member Company Registration in Pakistan

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) provides services for single member company registration in Pakistan which is also known as SMC (Pvt-Limited) company registration.

SMC company registration is also known as single owner company because a single person is 100% owner of the company.

The benefit of this company is: the single person is the decision maker and no dependency on it.

Here we discuss about the major and necessary documents for Single Member Company Registration in Pakistan.

Requirements for Single Member company Registration:

  • Name of the company
  • Copy of CNIC (computerized national identity card) 
  • Memorandum and article of association (Objectives of the company)
  • Relevant forms for company registration 
  • Registration/filing fee
  • CNIC copy of Company Secretary


First Step:

First of all, we apply for name availability in company registration office. They issue us name availability letter or reject the proposed company name, usually, it takes 2-3 days for name reservation process.

Second Step:

Once the name reserved, we should apply for user Id, incase of company registration apply online. If you apply company, using manual system, User Id is not required, however you have to pay the double fee for company registration.

Third Step:

Prepare the necessary documents and forms, memorandum of association, articles of association, Form 21, Form 1, Form 29, deposit the appropriate company registration fee and submit the documents for registration.

Time required for company Registration:

Once you submitted your documents, officers will examine the documents, if found any error or discrepancy in documents, he/she will write a letter or send email for further documentation. If all the documents are correct, the company registration process will be completed in 7-10 working days.

If you require more information, Feel Free to contact us for detailed consultation.

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