Company Name Search

Company Name Search

Company Name Search in Pakistan:-

Before starting any new business, name selection of the business or company is very important. We should start struggles for company name search in Pakistan, there are a lot of mediums are available now a days for selection of company name search.

  • Firstly we should consult with business colleagues, friends and consultants about the new business name  / brand.
  • Through internet
  • Through Social media.
  • Contact to Company registration office.

Company name should not be similar with other existing companies, otherwise, you have to face legal proceedings or company registration office will reject your selected company name.

If anyone wants to register company in Pakistan, must apply for name name search request / name availability request before starting company registration process in Pakistan.

It is advised here, to safe your precious time, you must contact to any professional consultant / lawyer to start and complete the whole process.

Requirements for company name reservation:

Copy of CNIC, Contact name, POP3 email account, Address, contact number, nature of the business etc.

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