Firm Reg Pak


Firm Reg Pak

In Pakistan, firms are being registered under Partnership Act 1932, Here we provide brief introduction about the Partnership Firm Registration Process, form C Registration in Pakistan.

Here is a basic information about Partnership Firm Registration Process, form C Registration in Pakistan:

Copies of CNIC of Minimum Two Partners, Name of Firm, Business Address, Partnership Deed etc.

Name of firm:

Name of the firm must be unique and nobody is using this business name, if you keep the same name which already is being used, you may face troubles in future for copying of such name.

Business Address:

You must provide complete business address, some times, Registration certificate (Form C) is dispatched via courier, it is very important.

Partnership Deed preparation:

Partnership Deed must be as per partnership act 1932, so that before preparation of partnership deed, Act should be keep in your mind or prepare from such peoples or lawyers, who know about Partnership Act 1932. This deed will be printed on Rs. 1,000/- value of stamp paper.

Nature of Business / firm’s Objectives:

Nature of business should be mentioned clearly and must be legal activities, if there is illegal or irrelevant objectives are mentioned in partnership deed, the registrar of firms will reject your firm registration case.

Profit & Loss Ratio:

Profit & Loss Ratio must be written on partnership deed, without mentioning, the partnership deed will not a valid document.

Copies of CNIC:

Computerized CNIC is required for Firm Registration, keep in mind, it should not be expired.


CNIC copy of 2 witnesses is required.

We have expertise for Partnership Deed preparation as per Partnership Act 1932 and as per firm registration office requirements, If you want to register your Partnership firm, We will provide you excellent service regarding your registration.

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