Firm Registration in Pakistan

Firm Registration in Pakistan is doing under partnership Act 1932, therefor all firms are being registered under partnership Act 1932. It is very important to discuss about firm registration in Pakistan / Form C Registration / AOP Registration (Association of Persons) / Partnership Firm Registration. It is so amazing that firm registration is known as different names discussed above.

First of all, we have to select the name of firm (which is very important) and should be unique and confirm it before applying firm registration in Pakistan, that is not prior using and then start partnership deed preparation.

Some words are prohibited while using with the business name like ‘New, Al, Pakistan, company, State name, country name, state declared personalities, Army, Behria, Bank, Foundation, NGO, society, Trade council. Chamber of Commerce etc.

Firm Registration in Pakistan is done on district level, every district has their own requirements and procedure as well as firm registration fee.

Following are the key firm registration process in Pakistan / Form C Registration / AOP Registration, it varies from city to city because in Pakistan, partnership firms are being registered under city district government.

firm registration requirements:-

  • Name of firm (it is very important)
  • CNIC copies of all partners 
  • Partnership Deed 
  • Nature of the business 
  • Address of the Business
  • Profit & Loss Ratio of the partnership
  • CNIC copies of Two witnesses
  • Appropriate Fee

(All documents should be attested from certified Notary Public / Oath Commissioner / Govt. Gazetted Officer).

If you need any further assistance or guidance for preparation of your partnership Deed in a professional manner or need assistance for firm registration.

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