Form C Registration in Pakistan

Form C Registration in Pakistan:

Firm C Registration in Pakistan, is done under Partnership Act 1932, it is an other common name of firm registration, called Form C Registration Pakistan.

Presently firms are being registered by City District Government through out Pakistan. the documents required as well as process for Form C registration varies district wise, but the followings are the key requirements for Form C registration process in Pakistan.

  •          Completed Application form (Form I)
  •          Attested Copy of Partnership Deed
  •          Appropriate Fee Challan
  •          Attested Copy of CNIC of all partners
  •         Attested copy of CNIC of two witnesses
  •         Proof of Address
  •         Covering Letter

Fulfill above requirement and submit the document in the office of registrar of firms in your local registration office, the whole process will take around 1-2 weeks, but it can be done in more time if there is any further documents required by the concerned officer.

In some cases, concerned officer marks physical verification of the premises as well as the submitted documents to check the authenticity of the documents and premises, given at the time of form C Registration.

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