Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan

Trade Mark registration is very important for every business to secure the company name, brands and logos as well, here we discuss and explain to general public for Trade mark registration in Pakistan. Trademark plays a vital role for any business throughout the world. A number of companies recognized from their unique styles, logos, names, Like McDonald is recognized from the stylish word “M”. it is just one example for understanding.

A lot of brands in the world, spend millions of dollars on their name as well as hire experienced professionals and law consultants throughout the world who checks, is there any body in any country, using the same name of business, logos, slogans etc..

In Pakistan, a proper trade mark registration is working for facilitation of Pakistani businessman as well as foreign companies and business. Trade mark registration office in Pakistan normally knows as “IPO office” and this office works under the IPO rules and regulations, the head office of Trade Mark Registration is situated in Karachi and branch offices are working throughout Pakistan

 Trademark Registration Procedure is as under:-

  • Signed and Proper filling of Prescribed Application Form
  • A list of goods and services of business
  • Appropriate Official fee (on the name of “Director General, IPO, Pakistan”).
  • Submit your application near regional IPO office

Trademark Registration Requirements in Pakistan:

1- Company registration  / Incorporation certificate

2- Copy of Partnership Deed / Form C Registration

3- Copy of CNIC / CNIC of Directors / Parnters

4- Copy of Bank Certificate
5- Company name
6- Company Logo
7- Appropriate Fee

Time duration:

After 15-20 days initial Acknowledgement of Application sent to business address which is mentioned on the trade Mark Registration application form.

Trademark registration certificate is issues after closely examine the brand name, description etc. it is not a short term process, it takes time for completion of this process.

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