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Travel Agency Registration process

Travel Agency business is growing and profitable business in Pakistan as well as abroad. Pakistan is a country where a lot of people go abroad every year for general visit, business meeting, seeking job / work permit, study abroad, immigration / settle abroad. Everyone need international travel ticket for travelling to any country as well as local city to city traveling in Pakistan. It is very important here to discuss the travel agency registration process in Pakistan as well as company registration for Hajj and Umrah.

In Pakistan, even abroad, without getting travel agency license, no one is permitted to start the travel agency business or tour operator business. If any company or individual starts the work without getting travel agency licence or company registration with relevant authority, is consider, that is illegal activities are being done by the travel agents / travel agency.

Travel Agency license requirements in Pakistan:

Here are brief introduction of documents as required by the department of tourist services in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Government of Pakistan is providing  services for issuance of travel agency / tour operator licence in all provinces as well as capital territory.

you must know all the information before starting your travel agency business as well as tour operator in Pakistan.

Before starting your travel agency, You must fulfill the requirements:

Company Registration / Firm Registration / Single member company

proper office setup as required by the travel and tourism department, list of staff, bank account, etc..  register your company or individual with the relevant registration authority in Pakistan.

you must have some professionals who having travel agency  / ticketing issuing experience as well as complete hold on software by which tickets are being issued. It would be better if they have proper diploma and experience from a reputable travel agency. tickets processing / issuance is a very technical and professional work, without a proper experience and qualification, it is not done properly.

A bunch of documents required to submit the case in relevant Travel and tourism department, along with relevant fee, which deposits in National Bank of Pakistan  / State bank of Pakistan.

The officials of Department of Tourist services proper verify the business premises which you mentioned on travel agency registration form as well as the documents submitted with the application.

If the department found any forged document/ documents which provided with the application or information given in application, they may take legal action against you and your company and matter refers to concerned investigation agency.

Further you may contact us for complete process, guideline and travel agency licence, we give your proper guidance and consultancy services.

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